Emilio Moscoso


  • Copenhagen

Few places have inspired my love for beautiful front door/facade design as much as the Danish capital. 

I could wander around with a camera in hand for years and not get tired of this beautiful city. My favorite European city thus far.

  • Stockholm

One full month before the NYC quarantine and full-on spread of COVID-19, I roamed the old city of Stockholm and fell in love with its winding cobblestone streets, cardamom bun pastries, and architecture (the old city street layout dates back to medieval times). After spending a few days in Copenhagen and discovering my love for Scandinavian doors/facades/entryways, I was on the hunt for beautiful doors. These 10 images are a slice of the beauty that Gamla Stan has to offer. 

If you’d like to learn more about these beautiful doors and the old city of Stockholm, visit Terry Leblanc’s page.

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